Getting Out the Felon Vote

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We told you pushing “democracy” in a country which is by law a republic leads to mischief.

Sometime today, Kentucky’s new Democrat governor, citing his “faith”–faith in what, we are not told, is expected to sign an executive order restoring voting rights to more than 100,000 “non-violent” felons ( who have served their sentences.

“They deserve (?) the right to participate in our great *d*e*m*o*c*r*a*c*y,” says Gov. Andy Beshear.

Individual states have long had the authority to restore voting rights to convicted felons who have served their time in jail. What’s a little larceny, fraud, drug-peddling, identity theft, operating a stolen car ring, or any of those other crimes in which the victim doesn’t actually get his throat cut?

And of course this move couldn’t possibly have anything to do with next year’s national elections–perish the thought.

It’s a little unsettling, though, to think Kentucky has 100,000-plus ex-felons in the first place. With another quarter-million or so still behind bars. Can’t people behave themselves?

Running for the Democrat presidential nomination, weird Bernie Sanders wants to go Beshear one better and allow felons to vote while still in jail. Anything for democracy! Wheel those voting machines into the prison cafeteria!

Well, if crooks can run for office and serve in government, they might as well be voting, too.



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  1. And how about those 16 years-old? Looks like the House Dems would impeach this Governor since he is abusing his power – ha ha. Dems are lucky *Batteries Not Included never abused his power as President – NOT!!!

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