Portland: More ‘Camping Space’ for the Homeless?

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Some of Portland, Oregon’s, ruling loons want the city to compel private property owners to provide “more camping space” for homeless people (https://www.wweek.com/news/city/2019/12/04/an-influential-city-panel-wants-new-private-buildings-to-provide-space-for-homeless-camping/). Like, if you want to build some stores, or an apartment complex, make sure you leave room for homeless persons to pitch tents and sleep on the sidewalk.

It’s so much fun to virtue-signal with other people’s stuff!

Institutionalizing homelessness and making it a permanent feature of the city is the brainstorm of a few jidrools on Portland’s Planning and Sustainability Commission. The whole commission was unanimously for it, at first–until the public found out about it and let out a scream of protest. Now it’s possible the scheme won’t make it as far as the city council.

Leading the charge in favor of the scheme is a woman who is also the “director of climate and energy policy” at Verde, “a Northeast Portland environmental justice nonprofit.” What the blazes is “environmental justice”?

Well, the city could build more homeless shelters; but the problem with that is, some of these poor people are homeless because they’re mentally ill, and a lot of them refuse to use the shelters. Or virtue-signalling Environmental Justice Warriors could volunteer to take homeless persons into their own homes instead of volunteering someone else’s space: but don’t hold your breath waiting for that to happen. Finally, they could replace all those psychiatric hospitals that liberals so recklessly shut down some years ago; but don’t expect that to happen, either.

Someone ought to do a study comparing the incidence of homelessness in cities governed by Democrats to that of cities not run by Democrats (if you can find any). Prediction: The more entrenched and dominant the Democrats, the greater the incidence of homelessness.

Go ahead, somebody–prove me wrong. I dare you to try.


7 comments on “Portland: More ‘Camping Space’ for the Homeless?

  1. Homeless people tend to migrate. This would be an open invitation for homeless people form miles around to congregate in Portland. Pretty soon it will look like a refugee camp.

  2. State of the art. Or architecture? Who’s gonna pay for the square space the owners are paying for? Oh that’s right, if you can afford it, be sure your friend in city council makes someone else pay for it. It’s a win-win-win that only a Democrat can turn into a lose. Of course, that’s not how they put it. The left would say they turned a lose into a 3 time win. Who dares to argue (with a fool)?

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