He’s Crazy, Too

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An experiment to see if it’s possible to embarrass Obama. Well, if Mayor Pete can’t do it, nobody can.

Democrat presidential candidates scare me. They should scare you, too.

Now it’s Mayor Pete Buttigieg’s turn in the straitjacket. He wants to pay “reparations” to illegal aliens (https://www.breitbart.com/2020-election/2019/12/19/buttigieg-commits-to-reparations-for-illegal-aliens-not-for-african-americans/)–to make up for all that stress we caused them, trying to enforce our country’s immigration laws. It’s not nice to inconvenience people whose only crime was to commit a crime.

Oh! And the “reparations” will come complete with a “fast track to U.S. citizenship,” says the jidrool who is mayor of some madhouse in Indiana. Lavishly reward those who break our laws!

He’s not sure, though, about doling out “reparations” to the descendants of slaves, five generations after slavery was abolished in America.

I’m still waiting for my free money. The Romans enslaved my ancestors. I should get free money for that. Money that somebody else had to work for.

Money that some Far Left Crazy politician is only too eager to give away. Someone else’s money. It’s always someone else’s money.

Democrat candidates for president: they’re all flaming crazy.

4 comments on “He’s Crazy, Too

  1. OH, boy, oh, boy! Insanity reigns. And, just a few minutes ago, I was blocked from placing a post on facebook. It was a story about a great plague of locusts in Somalia, and I was told I could not post it because it contained content that was “offensive to some people”. Well, hoo haw! Sure wouldn’t want to offend anybody, even though they offend me every day.

  2. You forgot about little Michael Bloomberg. He’s doing it the proven Democrat party way, buying the election. How mainstream can you get? His campaign theme, “Let me replace Trump.” Hmmm, seems like something is lacking, though?

    1. Democrats will never nominate him, because he was a successful mayor in New York. He is also fairly obnoxious, and he is known to have a few conservative friends to whom he is loyal.

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