He’s Crazy

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Joe Biden wants to be president. That’s not news. But what if he were president?

Well, sez Joe, that would give him the opportunity to knock out Climate Change! And fundamentally transform America! And would you do that, he was asked, if it would cost American workers hundreds of thousands of jobs?

“The answer is yes,” he said (https://www.bizpacreview.com/2019/12/20/biden-admits-hes-willing-to-scrap-hundreds-of-thousands-of-blue-collar-jobs-for-greener-economy-866462). I can see the campaign slogan now: “Vote for me, and your job is history.” Yeah, chuckles–run on that.

But not to worry! Getting kicked out of their crummy blue-collar jobs, the Democrat presidential wannabe explained, will give all these poor sods “the opportunity to transition to high-paying jobs.” Bank president, rock star, oil sheik…

Uh… Why don’t they just “transition” to those high-paying jobs now, instead of waiting for some lunatic in the White House to destroy the industries in which they’re currently employed?

See, we gotta Transform Our Economy and Our Whole Way of Life to make it “greener”–as defined by the same Democrat Party that never saw a patch of ground they didn’t try to pave over. You think the Democrat Party is green? Come on over to New Jersey and take a look around; see what they’ve done to us.

Government never made any nation rich. But it has made many nations poor.

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  1. They want us to believe, as if we were children, that money is just there and they can give us as much as they want. There’s no such thing as an economy, just free money for all … If we’ll only elect them.

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