Here, Fishy-Fishy!

I used to feed my goldfish by hand. They’d let me pick them up, too, when it was time to clean their fish tank.

Here’s a man going out to his pond to feed and pet his catfish. I don’t hold with ignoring hungry turtles: he should’ve brought enough for everybody.

Funny Fish

Okay, they can’t sit in your lap and purr; but you can still have fun with fish. They can even get tame and friendly. My goldfish used to let me pick them up and put them in the sink when I had to clean their aquarium. I always fed them by hand.

And then there are a lot of funny-looking little fish which I imagine one might get attached to, in time.

There are even fish who get to be friends with cats. How is that possible?

Guaranteed Soothing Video: Friendly Fish

True, this video is kind of long (10 minutes), and I hope you don’t find it boring. But as for me, I could feel my blood pressure going down as I watched.

Who knew fish could be so interactive with humans? Did you? God’s stuff never runs out of surprises for us.