Furthering Your Cats’ Education

Wishing only to expand their horizons, without subjecting them to college, I ran out and bought my cats one of these fidget spinners. It held their interest, mildly, for 15 minutes: my cats have black belts in blase. Now I’m the only one who bothers with it.

I do love the solemn, pensive expression on that grey-and-white cat’s face. Grey-and-white cats are very good at doing solemn.

6 comments on “Furthering Your Cats’ Education

  1. Our grey and white cat disappeared about a week ago. He was the dog’s friend and now we can’t find him. He was a solemn one alright I miss him.

  2. Yes I have been doing so. He just moved in with us about a year ago and was a good buddy with the dog, but…she can’t find him and neither can I.

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