London Murder Rate Soars

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As our feeble humanist civilization continues to melt down, the city of London posted its highest murder rate of the decade–149 dead, 90 of them stabbed to death with knives, and 42 murders “gang-related” (

How’s that post-Christian thing workin’ out for ya?

It wasn’t an all-time record, though. In 2008 London had 154 murders.

These figures do not include serious assaults in which the victim survived.

Londoners, for the most part, are not allowed legally to own guns for self-defense. Take the knives away, and it’ll be blunt instruments that do the killing.

London has closed-circuit TV cameras all over the place, but that doesn’t seem to be working.

Why so many murders?

Kill the culture, and it will kill you back. But then you can’t tear down and re-engineer society without killing the culture, can you? A lesson which the world’s Far Left Crazy ruling class refuses to learn.

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  1. Even in prisons where no weapons are allowed and there is constant security, prisoners still find ways to fashion weapons and harm one another. Taking away people’s ability to defend themselves does not make anyone safer. They keep trying to treat the symptoms and not the cause.

  2. A good friend of mine retired from being a travel agent. He would go to places all over the world so he could recommend the best trips. He calls London “Londonistan,” because of the heavy influence by Muslims. Growing up I always thought I would like to visit Europe, but now it is too late because the Europe of old is no more.

    1. I used to live in Germany (in the 80s/early 90s) and there are times when I think I’d like to go back to Europe for a visit–see my favorite places, and places I never got to. But I fear you are right, and that Europe is gone. I’m probably best off remembering it like it was. I still have a wallet with all kinds of change from my travels. From all of that, only the English currency still exists as far as I know. None of it is worth much in terms of monetary value, but to me it feels like treasure.

  3. What if citizens of London were equipped with bulletproof clothing and more personal defense equipment? People are vulnerable in the eyes of attackers because they do very little to protect themselves. Except in some cases, carry a gun or knife. Just like driving maybe defensive living is gonna prove to be a better technique.

    1. In England you’ve broken some kind of cockameemy law if you happen to have a potato peeler in your pocket. For some arcane reason known only to themselves, Our Rulers don’t like the idea of self-defense.

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