‘Another Mad Panic’ (2017)

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Goin’ total bug-house crazy…

It’s not just Americans who panic at the drop of a hat. Back in 2017, British commuters forced open the doors of their train and leapt out onto the electrified tracks to escape from a man…(wait for it!)… who was reading the Bible.

Another Mad Panic

Yes, dozens of people went completely wacko over somebody reading the Bible. He even stopped when they asked him to, but that didn’t stop panicked commuters from saying that he had a bomb–which he didn’t.

I think this is because the only people you’re allowed to be afraid of anymore are Christians. It’s the only group that hasn’t been awarded special protections by a utopian government.

Why is it that the harder we try to create utopia, the uglier a mess we make?

London Murder Rate Soars

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As our feeble humanist civilization continues to melt down, the city of London posted its highest murder rate of the decade–149 dead, 90 of them stabbed to death with knives, and 42 murders “gang-related” (https://www.breitbart.com/europe/2020/01/04/khans-london-murder-rate-reaches-decade-high/).

How’s that post-Christian thing workin’ out for ya?

It wasn’t an all-time record, though. In 2008 London had 154 murders.

These figures do not include serious assaults in which the victim survived.

Londoners, for the most part, are not allowed legally to own guns for self-defense. Take the knives away, and it’ll be blunt instruments that do the killing.

London has closed-circuit TV cameras all over the place, but that doesn’t seem to be working.

Why so many murders?

Kill the culture, and it will kill you back. But then you can’t tear down and re-engineer society without killing the culture, can you? A lesson which the world’s Far Left Crazy ruling class refuses to learn.