Bloomberg Pops His Cork

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He’s crazy, too

What kind of joy-juice do they make you drink, before they let you be a Democrat candidate for president?

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg is a very successful businessman and was reasonably successful as mayor of New York City. And now he sounds like a candidate for a rubber room (

“California is a great example for the rest of this country,” babbled the daft ex-mayor.

Oh? You mean that state, the only state out of fifty, where they turn off your electricity for days at a time?

What a role model. Why, every state needs a disastrously failed high-speed rail project that gulps down billions of dollars at a swallow, never to be seen again. Every state needs millions of illegal aliens pouring in, demanding free stuff. And who doesn’t envy San Francisco, where the public sidewalks do double duty as latrines?

As mayor of New York, Bloomberg won lasting fame by trying to ban everything enjoyed by adults, from cigarettes to sodas. He has often aired his view that governments can and should use taxation as a means of behavior modification… ’cause, ya know, people do need their behavior modified by philosopher-kings.

But if he had ever run his business enterprises like the Democrats run California, we wouldn’t be hearing from him now.

He’d be just another homeless person taking a dump on the sidewalk.

6 comments on “Bloomberg Pops His Cork

  1. He embarrasses me. We’re always being forced to pay for something we don’t want, but when we want something we’re told we can’t afford it. Democrats play the system like the good little puppets the globalists pay for.

  2. he only cares about one thing- getting in power. Since Ca. is a liberal state, he is flattering, kissing up and pulling every stupid stunt he know- and he knows a lot.

    1. Except for his high-and-mighty attempts to ban stuff, he wasn’t that awful as a New York mayor. But you have to be that awful if you want the Democrat presidential nomination.

  3. What a mystery – Bloomberg builds an empire thanks to Capitalism’s free market system, then praise Socialism. Maybe he is bi-polar. He claims he is a jobs maker but isn’t that what Trump has been doing successfully for the last three years?

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