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‘He Who Would Valiant Be’

Now they want us not to go grocery-shopping. What are we supposed to do for food?

Antidote: He Who Would Valiant Be, by John Bunyan, also known and loved as To Be a Pilgrim–complete with peaceful train ride over the North York Moors on the Goathland Railroad (steam locomotive and all).

By Request, ‘To Be a Pilgrim’

Requested by Joshua, one of my very favorite hymns, To Be a Pilgrim, by John Bunyan: and belted out but good by Maddy Prior and the Carnival Band. The hymn may be better known as He Who Would Valiant Be, with slightly different lyrics; but we have it here as John Bunyan wrote it.

‘He Who Would Valiant Be’

I have no idea whether the hymn I selected will appear here. Everything on this computer is chaos today.

What I wanted–and I don’t know if that’s what you’re seeing–was He Who Would Valiant Be, accompanied by video of a scenic, soothing little ride on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway.

Pray for my head not to explode today.

John Bunyan’s Hymn

I love this hymn and just have to post it now and then–To Be a Pilgrim, by John Bunyan, author of Pilgrim’s Progress. Performed by Maddy Prior and the Carnival Band. It’s the kind of hymn that adds some spark to your bark!

Also known as He Who Would Valiant Be.

‘He Who Would Valiant Be’

I hope you don’t mind me posting this again. The hymn is one of my favorites, and there’s the train ride to go with it–the Goathland train traversing the North York Moors.

And I imagine there’s a train to heaven, and you don’t want it to go too fast because it’s passing through all the places you have known and loved, and now you see they’re not lost, after all… Not lost.

‘He Who Would Valiant Be’

Listening to this rendition of He Who Would Valiant Be (aka To Be a Pilgrim by John Bunyan) and watching the video, I was overwhelmed by a sense that “This is how you go to heaven!” Not in a bullet train. A slow train, through the scenery of every good thing you’ve known in your life: it’s all right there, for you to see it again. Soothing. Healing. The trip takes long enough to calm you down from any pain, terror, or panic that went along with dying. Just long enough so you’ll be ready for Heaven when you get there.

Something tells me I’m not the first to imagine this.

‘He Who Would Valiant Be’ (with scenic train ride)

This is so beautiful, it brought me very close to tears. I do love the hymn, He Who Would Valiant Be (a variation of John Bunyan’s hymn, To Be a Pilgrim), and I love the Yorkshire scenery, sculpted by God’s hands. In this video, you get both.

All aboard!

Hymn, ‘He Who Would Valiant Be’

This is another one of those hymns we ought to sing louder–He Who Would Valiant Be (originally To Be a Pilgrim, with words by John Bunyan). This is a performance by choirs from Gloucester Cathedral, Hereford Cathedral, and Worcester Cathedral, all of them in England: there’s life in England yet, thank God. Maybe He will make it burgeon forth again.

More, More! ‘To Be a Pilgrim’

My soul needs this nourishment today, so I hope nobody minds if once again I post this–my favorite rendition of one of my very favorite hymns, To Be a Pilgrim (also known as He Who Would Valiant Be).

John Bunyan wrote this song in jail in 1684, having been imprisoned for preaching without a license from the government. He wrote it into Part 2 of his immortal Pilgrim’s Progress.

It doesn’t look like the malicious power of government was able to quench John Bunyan’s spirit, does it?

As for my own spirit, I think for once I’ll post another hymn right after this.

Hymn, ‘He Who Would Valiant Be’

When I hear this hymn, it makes me want to pump my fist and jump up and cry “Yes!” Let’s start our Sunday with it.

You may notice that most of the people in this congregation, singing it, are old. That used to puzzle me when I was young. Now it makes perfect sense: the old, for the most part, really do know better than the young.

But not to divide–let all ages come before the Lord. He wants us all.

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