‘Big Lib Calls for New Holocaust’ (2015)

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Now that Firefox has gone mad and I’m forced to use Chrome, this is the only image it would let me post this morning.

Remember this? An American Civil Liberties Union board member–not just a no-name “volunteer,” like they tried to make out he was, but a member of their board of directors–had to resign after saying he’d like to see Trump supporters, millions of them, massacred.

Big Lib Calls for New Holocaust

The Loving Left. Hey! Aren’t they the ones who call everybody who isn’t them “Nazis”?

Now you know why we need the Second Amendment.

Quick question–did he have to resign because he’s a nut, or because he spoke too candidly?

2 comments on “‘Big Lib Calls for New Holocaust’ (2015)

  1. It is madness, pure and simple. I wish these people could live for a time in their “alternative reality” and see how they enjoyed that.

  2. He’s a nut! That is how socialism works. Everything is for the collective, so individuals who do not go along with the program have to be killed off, even if they are in the millions.

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