‘Affirming the Culture of Life’ (Chalcedon, 2018)

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The twilight of humanism

“Democracy always perishes from an overdose of democracy.” –R.J. Rushdoony

We have a calling, as Christians, to affirm the culture of life–that is, faith in Jesus Christ–and to oppose the culture of death: which in our time takes the form of humanism.


Today’s worldly culture, says this Chalcedon editorial, “resents any call to moral accountability… It is the culture of death. We must separate ourselves from it by affirming the culture of life, Christianity.”

It’s a glorious calling! We serve a glorious King, and His Kingdom will not fail.

7 comments on “‘Affirming the Culture of Life’ (Chalcedon, 2018)

    1. Think of Humanist Manifesto II (every bunch of nitwits has a “manifesto”). Before you read to the end of the first page, they have already proclaimed atheism and endorsed abortion, sodomy, and assisted suicide. Yeah, it’s a culture of death. And I think this is our war.

    2. Our weapons, as St. Paul pointed out, are not carnal but spiritual.
      A good laugh at the puffed-up humanists’ expense also comes in handy.

  1. Come out form them, says the Lord. Water and oil don’t mix, and neither should Christians and Humanism. Jesus is the answer for America and all nations. No right gov’t system or genius intellects will save us, only life lived according to His Word. Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth.

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