Prince Charles Flies 16,000 Miles for Date with Greta

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Prince Charles, who could become King of England someday, ought to be given an award for climate change hypocrisy after using three private jets and one helicopter, flying 16,000 miles, all told, before coming to earth at Davos for a photo op with teenage climate scold Greta Thunberg, at the World Economic Forum (

After which he hopped on another private jet and flew to Israel.

Pretty big carbon footprint there, eh? Not to mention a cost of some 280,000 Pounds to the British taxpayers. They do rub it in our faces, don’t they?

Hey! Isn’t he supposed to walk, or bike, or take an oxcart?

Not one of the world’s Climate change honchos–no, not one–acts like he believes a single word of the climate apocalypse snake oil that he’s pitching to the public.

And meanwhile Greta gets to hobnob with the Prince of Wales and lecture world leaders on how doomed we are if they don’t do as she says. She’s only 16 now. Wait’ll she’s 20. She’ll be crazier than Caligula.

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  1. Somebody (else) has to pay for such a big carbon footprint. So all of us who serve the elite must put our “change” into the Climate “Change” bank. That is our contribution towards saving the Earth from…well…us. And it’s the law. Yowsa, yowsa.

  2. Yes, the whole family seems to be unhinged. Maybe that is what happens when you have too much money, privilege and time on your hands. They can have it, I wouldn’t want any part of it.

  3. You mention Greta at age 20. I’ve been thinking about her with real pity lately, in that she won’t be 16 (or 17 by now?) forever, and what will she have left when she’s no longer young enough for people to use as a stalking horse? No education, no employable skills, no real friends, only great expectations that people will keep admiring and applauding her … and then everyone loses interest in her and she’s alone in a vacuum. I’ve really begun to feel sorry for her.

    1. After reading the article, the excuses they give are so lame.
      He ‘has to travel by airplane’ and he will adopt more eco-friendly ways of travelling as soon as they’re available? LOL
      Doesn’t sound like he’s too much into upsetting the status quo. Wouldn’t that make him one of those who has ruined little Greta’s life?
      Yet there she is, smiling at the camera. She should be pounding on him with her fists, crying big tears, and demanding that he take a wind-powered boat back to England.

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