What in the World Is This Supposed to Be?

Some people are seeing this as a ghastly resurgence of ancient paganism, the worship of Baal (see the Old Testament, 1 Kings, Chapter 18)–sponsored by the state in the person of Prince Charles, the next king of England.

Charles, in line to become the next head of the Church of England, opened the Commonwealth Games at Birmingham with the 32-foot-tall image of what they call “the raging bull.” We do not know what this image has to do with the Commonwealth Games or anything else. A great deal of work went into building this monstrosity. But what’s it for?

No one will ever call Charles one of the great minds of our time. Is he delivering an esoteric message to the world, or just fumfering around without any clear idea of what he’s doing? (I lean toward the latter theory.) Mindless silliness can land you in hot water just as effectively as well thought-out wickedness.

Which of these are we looking at here?

My Newswithviews Column, Jan. 30 (‘More Climate change Hypocrisy’)

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I wonder who they’ve got lined up to be the third stooge…

How do they get away with it–hardship and austerity for us, and wallowing in luxury for them? Why does anyone ever listen to them?

More Climate Change Hypocrisy

I haven’t yet found a historical parallel for this weirdness that stands, today, as an existential threat to our liberty and our prosperity–“a mad teenager fronting for a criminal enterprise of global proportions.”

Why are these hypocrites in power?

Prince Charles and Greta–someone ought to strike a “Useful Idiots” commemorative coin.

Prince Charles Flies 16,000 Miles for Date with Greta

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Prince Charles, who could become King of England someday, ought to be given an award for climate change hypocrisy after using three private jets and one helicopter, flying 16,000 miles, all told, before coming to earth at Davos for a photo op with teenage climate scold Greta Thunberg, at the World Economic Forum (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7929735/Prince-Charles-flew-16-000-miles-just-11-days-proudly-posing-Greta-Thunberg-Davos.html).

After which he hopped on another private jet and flew to Israel.

Pretty big carbon footprint there, eh? Not to mention a cost of some 280,000 Pounds to the British taxpayers. They do rub it in our faces, don’t they?

Hey! Isn’t he supposed to walk, or bike, or take an oxcart?

Not one of the world’s Climate change honchos–no, not one–acts like he believes a single word of the climate apocalypse snake oil that he’s pitching to the public.

And meanwhile Greta gets to hobnob with the Prince of Wales and lecture world leaders on how doomed we are if they don’t do as she says. She’s only 16 now. Wait’ll she’s 20. She’ll be crazier than Caligula.

Did the Queen Say Obama Won’t Leave Office?

Speaking of fake news, here we have the Konspiracy Krowd asserting that Queen Elizabeth II, “a satanic and evil woman”–gee, I thought that was Hillary Clinton–has said President *Batteries Not Included will not leave office when his term is up: but, instead, will do something “horrific” to prevent Christmas and keep himself in power beyond his sell-by date.

Yes, they’re still getting good mileage out of a “lost video” from last year, in which the Queen allegedly said that Christmas 2015 will be the last Christmas ever, and allegedly confess that she had Princess Diana killed because “she knew too much,” yatta-yatta, and there’s no proof because the original video has been pulled–

My head hurts.

Crikey, what’re they gonna say about Prince Charles when he becomes king? He couldn’t successfully conspire to take candy from a baby. But you watch–he will instantly be transformed into a real-life Dr. Fu Manchu. Or at least Professor Moriarty.