Repeat: There’s No Such Thing

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Noozies, fake educators, leftist politicians, Hollywood, hopped-up crazy judges, and teacher unions are totally gung-ho for “transgender.” Depending on where you happen to be, you can be arrested for using the wrong pronoun, or subjected to a court-ordered “gender training” course (shades of the Great Cultural Revolution, comrades!), kicked out of a public facility, or fired from your job… all because you failed to affirm and support and celebrate and give three lusty cheers for gender fluidity.

But really–we all do know, don’t we, that there are only two sexes, male and female? That except in exceedingly rare cases, you’ve either got XX chromosomes (female) or XY chromosomes (male)? Like, even noozies know this basic biological fact–right? Not an opinion, but a fact.

So what we have here are people fanatically proclaiming something which they flat-out know is not true–and demanding that everybody else proclaim it, too, or suffer consequences.

And the question is: What are we supposed to gain from this? How is society supposed to gain by affirming something that is totally untrue?

Well, totalitarians–leftids are always trying to create a totalitarian order–find it handy to humiliate their subject peoples. Forcing them to say things they know are hogwash is an easy way to do it.

But there’s also the matter of “revolution” for its own sake, as an end in itself. “We’re revolutionaries, so we make revolution!” To build your own utopia, you have to tear down everything that’s already there. Tear it all down. “But it’s for your good, people! We know what’s best! We’ll create a paradise on earth!” And you wind up with the Soviet Union, or any other communist hell-hole. Good thing they collapse before they can carry out quite all the mischief that they mean to do.

Gender fluidity. A boy one day, a girl the next. Drag Queen Story Hour, at your taxpayer-funded public library. And you’d better say you like it, or else!

This aspect of the “revolution,” this wholesale revolt against reality, is so irrational, so totally and visibly crazy, as to leave no doubt as to its satanic origin. We can’t answer the question, “What can we possibly gain by this?”, because there is absolutely nothing to be gained. It’s not about gaining anything. It’s only about tearing down. Only about loss. Forget the building up: there is only tearing down.

And they are hot to trot for it! And coming after us with everything they’ve got, short of actual war. Maybe that comes later: kill everybody who won’t affirm and celebrate gender fluidity. People have thrown each other into death camps for less cause than that–or have we forgotten the 20th century already?

Pray for deliverance. It may be God will hear us.



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  1. The Progressives are full-speed ahead on everyone being their own god, so if people want to be the other sex, go for it (and taxpayers will even pay for it – Mike Bloomberg). Where are the studies of how many have actually transgendered via surgery, and how are they doing? In Belgium, if you transgener all the way and are unhappy with your “new Body,” you can go to the hospital and they will gladly euthanize you legally.

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