Monster ‘Mom’ Loses in Court Again

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America’s most bizarre court case continues.

In Texas, a weird and unnatural woman–why the man ever married her, no one knows–continues to seek a court order allowing her to “transition”–translation: surgically mutilate and shoot up with chemicals that shouldn’t be there–her 7-year-old stepson into a fake “girl” (

In the most recent development, a judge restored the father’s authority to make medical decisions for the child. I cannot explain why the judge did not separate the child from this cannibal who calls herself the boy’s mother, but is not.

Um, excuse me! I thought you only made “medical decisions” when someone’s sick. This boy is not sick. He is healthy. He does not require any medical intervention. If anybody’s “sick,” it’s the loony step-mom, no one else.

It will be a great day for the human race when the “transgender” movement finally crashes and burns, never to be heard from again. Pray that that day comes soon–and in the meantime, work for it.

10 comments on “Monster ‘Mom’ Loses in Court Again

  1. I was in a nightmarish rage for months over this. Thank you, God! And yes, I too pray this transgender bowel movement crashes and burns ASAP.

    1. It strikes me as exceedingly strange and disturbing that this woman has never been charged with threatening and attempting to do grievous bodily harm to her stepson.

    2. Gutless, self-absorbed, perverted politicians refuse to make laws, and gutless, self-absorbed, perverted law enforcers refuse to prosecute people to protect our children because their actions just might ensnare them too.

    3. I’d love to pin a medal on the cop and the tail on his donkey chief (who will probably fire him after he even tries to arrest her). Sexual deviancy is everywhere, like air we can’t breathe.

  2. If advances in technology brings us transgender surgeries today, what might it bring us tomorrow? Maybe we will be able to change the color of our skin so tattooing will be a fad of the past. Or how about face transplants so you can look like your idol. May the brave new world be rejected for the kingdom of Christ.

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