A Special Treat for You

Music Box Dancer, by Canadian composer Frank Mills, came out in 1974, worked its way around the world, and was a major U.S. hit single in 1979.

What could be more harmless, more benign, than this simple piece of music?

To me it brings back a time when everybody in my family was still here, still healthy. Around 50 you start to lose ’em, so a word to the wise: love ’em while you’ve got ’em.

It also brings back a vignette from the warehouse where my wife worked at the time: this was the tune that was playing loudly on the intercom while a couple of the lads fought each other, rolling around on the floor–with the British foreman dancing around ineffectually, pleading with them, “Steady on, lads! Steady on!”

Wonderful days.

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2 responses to “A Special Treat for You

  • unknowable2

    Thanks for posting this, Lee. The piece is an exercise in elegant simplicity. It could easily be an etude, it has but three chords and is about as simple as a piece of music could be, but it won many hearts and found a huge audience.

    Looking back on the time that song was released is sobering. Every relative I have lost in my 65 years, except one, has passed since the time of this song. My family was whole then, with only one exception. Most of my life has been lived since them, many good things happened, but some that were not so good. If I could return to that time, I definitely would have done some key things differently.

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