‘How Not to Make a Movie’ (2015)

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There, I’ve warned you!

A lot of us will watch movies today instead of the Stupor Bowl.

Here’s a movie not to watch.

How Not to Make a Movie

It’s amazing, how many errors you can cram into one short film. Was it an experiment? Had John Bowen eaten oysters that had gone bad?

Just look out the window. You’re bound to see something better than this movie.


4 comments on “‘How Not to Make a Movie’ (2015)

  1. As you describe it, the movie sounds so bad that I’m almost ready to watch it just to check off all the absurdities you describe. But I guess I won’t. I’ve been entertained enough by your review. Thank your for undergoing these stinkers of movies and novels so we can revel in your reviews of them. 😉

  2. There used to be a comedy club in Pasadena, California called The Ice House that wife went to. There was an ice factory by the house I lived in as a small child. We would ride our bicycles to a big doorway where we could watch the blocks of ice being made. Refrigerators in those days needed real ice to keep food preserved.

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