Pelosi: Disbar President’s Lawyers

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(I am currently vegetating in the eye doctor’s waiting room.  –LD)

When she’s not handing out souvenir impeachment pens, Squeaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is always looking for new ways to trample on the Constitution. It’s what Democrats do.

Last week she came up with a real howler–kick all the president’s defense lawyers out of the legal profession! Otherwise liberal law prof Jonathan Turley called that “a truly outrageous suggestion” (

Other sources say Mrs. Pelosi was only with difficulty restrained from demanding that from now on, defense lawyers get punished along with their clients. Unless their clients are Democrat bigwigs–but they never get punished anyway. “If they want to stand with Trump,” she reportedly said, “then they ought to fall with him. If you defend a guilty person, then you’re just as guilty as he or she or xe is!”

This November is our chance to put the Democrat Party out of business.

We might not get another.

9 comments on “Pelosi: Disbar President’s Lawyers

  1. Lee, until I read the source article in the link, I thought for sure this must be one of your most brilliant parodies. The inmates are indeed running the asylum these days.

    1. P.S.–Some of the ancient Celtic bards taught that a satire actually had the power to damage its target in very real ways.
      Obviously they were wrong.

  2. Piglosi is a maniac. I’d love to see her whisked off her podium by men in white coats, never to be seen or heard from again.

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