‘Those Who Can’t Do, and Don’t Know How, Govern’ (2014)

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Where did we ever get the idea that lifelong career politicians ought to run the show?

Those Who Can’t Do, and Don’t Know How, Govern

I mean, really, that’s almost as dumb as putting ourselves into the hands of lifelong academics. Oops. We do that, too.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump continues to accomplish things that the whole political class has always deemed impossible–like trade deals that don’t screw us, creating a favorable climate for the growth of industry, getting the rest of NATO to pay their fair share of the costs… little stuff like that.

Maybe one of these days he can get us out of the U.N.

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  1. Speaking of running our health care, the Dems can’t even run a caucus. There is a provision in our U.S. Constitution that allows for a Convention of the States as a way to amend the Constitution. It has never been used, but some high profile people like Mark Levin are advocating for it; If the Convention could be qualified for only considering a Amendment to limit the terms of the Congress then I would be for it – they are not going to pass it themselves.

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