‘They Still Want You to Eat Bugs’ (2017)

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After you, Michelle!

The babbling boobs on the Left are always trying to get normal people to eat bugs–although we know the last thing in the world that we’ll ever see would be Michelle Obama chowing down on a bowl of palmetto bugs.

They Still Want You to Eat Bugs

Why do they want us to eat insects?

But that’s simple! So they can laugh at us, of course. And smirk at us.

I hope that in his second term, President Trump gets us out of the U.N.

Let them eat the bugs.

9 comments on “‘They Still Want You to Eat Bugs’ (2017)

    1. That’s because the Republicans didn’t leave when a celeb was elected. The politics of Reaganesque is like the Rubenesque of art. Fat, lazy, indulgent but without the beauty of life imitating art.

  1. Next they will want us to stop breathing to save the planet. There’s a satire piece in there somewhere.

    1. Even using my Strong’s Concordance, I can’t figure out whether “locusts” in the NT means insects or locust beans, or something else.

    2. I thought it might be a source of protein or something. And that the honey may have offset any germ type things. Wild.

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