They Still Want You to Eat Bugs

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Jiminy Cricket: if globalists get their way, he’ll soon be behind the 8-ball, not on top of it.

Why are globalists and other ninnies always trying to talk regular people into eating bugs?

The Associated Press has a piece exhorting us to eat crickets and thus realize a “huge environmental impact” ( ). To make it sound more credible, the promoters of this scheme cite a 2013 paper by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization which urges people to… eat bugs.

Yeah, I’d love to see that at one of those $10,000-a-plate fundraising dinners the whoopee crowd loves to hold–a gaggle of liberal politicians and Hollywood celebrities chowing down on crickets. John Kerry with a mouthful of nice, tasty spiders: that just might shut him up for once.

Hey, you deplorables out there! Why aren’t you eating insects like the experts tell you to? Huh?

Um… in Bram Stoker’s novel, Dracula had an insane worshiper named Renfield who used to eat all kinds of bugs so he could be more like his “master.” And the Devil sometimes uses the moniker Baal-z’vuv, “Lord of the Flies.” Anybody seeing a pattern here?

Bear in mind this simple rule: Never, never do anything recommended by the UN or any of its so-called “experts.” They are not your friends.

And let’s see that private jet-and-limo Davos mob all get together for a cricket fry.

17 comments on “They Still Want You to Eat Bugs

  1. The arrogant, above-the-law, corrupt and evil elites will continue to attempt to force the masses to eat bugs, so they can “save the environment” by producing less cow farts, as well as continue to make lots of money from their climate change scheme – and they will have less bugs = less pesticides on the rural lands they intend to keep for themselves after they force us into the UN Agenda 30 “sustainable cities.” The devil never sleeps. I find comfort, however, knowing there’s an “eye of a needle” between them and salvation.

  2. This is truly Satan playing out his endgame. Satan hates mankind and wants to reduce us to something less than human. Satan wants to reduce the human population of the earth and he wants humans to live in the worst conditions possible. Satan is the god of disorder and wants to impose his disorder upon all of us. The UN seems to be one of his favorite tools.

    1. I agree. John the Baptist ate locusts, of which certain species were permitted to be eaten under the law. Locusts are considered a delicacy by some people, however I am not one of those people. Beyond that, John the Baptist was, essentially, as ascetic, singling himself out for a specific purpose in God’s overall plan. I don’t think that he sought to dehumanize himself, but he did adopt an ascetic lifestyle and lived a life with few, if any, comforts.

      Insects in general, were considered unclean under the law of Moses and could not be eaten. The notion of eating insects is repugnant to most people and I’m certain that the plan behind all of this is the further degradation of the human race.

    2. There seems to be some debate if it was actual locus or the beans from the carob tree. Some cultures eat insects, good for them, but I like my meat thanks.

  3. In the end they care far more about the planet than they do the humans living on it. To them, we are a parasite that needs to be culled. They can have their bugs, I’ll stick with my beef.

    1. You are so right. The elites think everything belongs to them, including what they steal. They suffer from a psychotic paranoia that fears something being stolen from THEM, even if it wasn’t theirs to begin with. It’s irrational and they are left to their own reprobate minds. “Mine, mine, mine”!

    2. Embarrassing, Obma’s the only clown who doesn’t make us laugh – but the flies did. I wish I could wipe the smirk off his plastic face when he looked at the camera after receiving the “award” as though he’s saying “I fundamentally don’t give a hoot if you don’t think I deserve it; YOU paid for it.”

    3. Oh, and one of obama’s greatest hits of all classless times is when he refused to take a photo shot with PM Netanyahu. Chickenshit didn’t want to be shown up by a Statesman.

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