You’re Paying for Lies

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Public “education” is a rip-off. Even worse, a disservice. And worse than that, an injustice.

“All Genders Can Menstruate,” a flagrant falsehood, is taught in British schools and is making its way into American schools.

There are only two genders, male and female. There are no others.

Teaching defenseless children things that aren’t true is a crime.

You pay for it. We all do. We pay through the nose for public education, it costs a fortune, and we have no say in who teaches or what gets taught. All we do is pay. Here we are paying for lies. Paying to make our children believe lies.

If you pay for something, it’s yours, you own it–right? Well, with liberals running things, no, you don’t own it. You only pay for it; they own it. They decide who teaches in your schools. They decide what your children get taught. You just pay.

If we had any self-respect, we’d put a stop to this. Pronto.

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  1. Until they get to high school, they’re too young to learn about their own bodies, let alone how to change them. Gender is sex. Sex is not education. Therefore, gender is not education. The UK is way off into the middle of pedophile perversion in every aspect of its mainstream socialization. UK kids are depressed, scared, confused, and suicidal. Worse than here, for now. We must find a way to make the LIARS pay for their lies.

    1. Yes! That’s doable. Whom do we tell? In my city our representatives don’t…well…represent. And for the Department of Education we’d need 5 good stones and a sheepherder – lol.

  2. Nothing short of perverted indoctrination! While we need to know what is going on, its hard to press the “like” button because this is sickening. But thanks brother for all your posts, the bad news, the good news, the funny and the worshipful. 🙂

    1. The problem is, people simply refuse to believe what public schools are doing to their children. Because if they believed it, they’d have to do something about it; and they don’t want to, because they think the public schools are “free.” Of course they’re not free, it’s taxes that pay for them. But people insist on hiding their heads in the sand.

      The bill for this folly is going to be very high.

    2. BTW, as sickening as it is to read about this stuff, it’s just as bad, having to write about it. These are abominations which have the potential to destroy us. And people just let it go. Or else they “celebrate” it because they don’t want some leftid somewhere to think they’re “haters.”

      But it’s righteous to hate this evil, twisted, psychotic foolishness!

  3. They can’t even keep their own stories straight. First they set up a “transwoman” category for people with male plumbing who claim to be women. But these “transwomen,” now a declared gender, demonstrably cannot menstruate by the very nature of their plumbing And yet they’re one of the new “genders.” So it can’t be true that ALL genders can menstruate. QED.

    But then, these are the same brilliant logicians who say gender is fluid but homosexuals are “born that way” and it’s a crime to try to help them reorient their attractions, even if they want to reorient themselves.

    Ah, but I forgot: “The issue is never the issue. The issue is the revolution.”

  4. The impotence of the American people to influence such things as public education, the extension and tyranny of the “Gay Agenda” and every other rotten and satanic influence in the present culture should certainly waken Americans to just how “not free” we are!

    1. I do remember when communities had the power to decide what was going to be in the school curriculum that they paid for. There was no federal Dept. of Ed, no state commissioner, and no teachers’ union.

  5. No wonder the Dems are fighting Roman gladiators to stop Charter Schools because they can’t control who teaches or what is taught. The Charter school in our city was just given a private grant of $1 million.

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