Well, Now What?

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G’day, I guess. Byron the Quokka here, doing nothing. The comment contest’s over and now there’s no work for me to do. Can’t start another one because if you have these contests going all the time, Lee sez they lose their event character.

“What?” says I.

“That’s political science talk,” says he. “It means they get boring if you do them all the time. Not special anymore.”

Well, he could’ve said that right up front, couldn’t he? He’d better watch out, or he’ll be turning into Joe Collidge one of these days–

[Pauses dramatically]

Ho, there! Just a blinkin’ minute!

I think I just had a brainstorm.

What if a bunch of us quokkas got together… and started a college? What an idea! Rottnest U.! We could all be professors. We could give out degrees. Hold Clue tournaments. Have a slapjack team.

Thinking, thinking…

33 comments on “Well, Now What?

    1. Yes, and I’m afraid that’s me… I’m happy that we could finally get to play chess! Thank you for the original suggestion!

    2. Your game with Joshua was more a brawl than a chess game. That’s OK–my chess games used to be like that, too, when I was starting out.

      But to keep it simple: both of you passed up no end of easy captures, while at the same time putting your pieces into harm’s way without protecting them. Again, that’s how learning chess begins. My friend Ellen used to mow my men down with her rooks. Then I learned enough to do the same to her. And eventually we both learned how to prevent it.

      So at this point all I’ll say is, take the easy captures when you can get them, and try to find some way of protecting your own pieces from being gobbled up. This is usually done by backing them up with nearby pawns, or with other pieces at a distance.

      Does that make sense? (Gee, I hope so!)

    3. Thank you for the tips, Mr. Duigon! I’ll try to make more use of my brain next time!!

    4. Uh, oh… the last man standing… It’s just a matter of time now before I raise the white flag in surrender to General Lydia!

  1. Careful, Byron, don’t strain your brain too hard. Lee will think of something, then you can just jump on board. How’s that?

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