‘Feds Want to Know if You’re Depressed’ (2016)

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Right up to the end of the Obama regime, they were plotting mischief–doubtless in the belief that President Hillary Clinton would give them the green light to continue wrecking the country.

One of their bolder schemes was to have the entire population tested for depression.

Feds Want to Know if You’re Depressed

God spared us a Hillary Clinton presidency, so nothing ever came of this. But I wonder–

Would they have discovered all 300 million of us were depressed?

And would they take the hint, and go away?

8 comments on “‘Feds Want to Know if You’re Depressed’ (2016)

  1. If you see a doctor, or even nurse practitioner at a clinic, they still ask if you are feeling depression or anxiety, and if so, they have a PhD who is qualified in that field. Even if I were feeling a temporary twinge of any of that, I certainly would not tell them. All is sunshine for me.

  2. It’s pretty subjective, if you come right down to it. Lincoln was depressed, likewise Kennedy. yet both were able to do their jobs and accomplish a great deal. From the viewpoint of someone with false optimism, everyone that doesn’t share their views is depressed. Considering the level of ethics practiced in our day, I wouldn’t recommend pouring out one’s soul to a psychiatrist or psychologist.

  3. A couple of years ago, at my annual blood pressure and potassium check, my doctor started asking me weird questions: “Are you often tired?” “Do you often feel sad?” and so on. To the first one, I answered that I might not have the stamina that I had when I was a youngster of 70 but I thought I was pretty spry for an old lady. To the second one, I answered, “When something bad happens, I feel sad; when something good happens, I feel happy. If I felt otherwise, I’d be a sociopath.” And then I asked her why she was asking these questions. Turned out they were part of the recent protocol of the university hospital with which she was affiliated. I said, “Oh, testing for clinical depression, I take it?” and she nodded. I suggested that since she’s known me for nearly 20 years, maybe in the future we could just assume that I’m doing fine unless I say otherwise or she sees something unusual. Come to think of it, she hasn’t asked me the questions again since then.

    Come to think of it, too, it’s a good thing she does know me. A new doctor or a gummint doctor would assume my responses indicated (brace yourself for an unavoidable rhyme) repression of depression or some such nonsense. Fortunately, my doctor is familiar with my smartmouth sense of humor. Some people may call it sarcasm. I prefer to call it dry wit. So there.

  4. My eye doctor always asks me if I’m still smoking. My answer is usually a rude noise that isn’t just “fap!” He says the government has instructed him to ask this intrusive question that has absolutely nothing to do with my eyes. I explain to him that the rude noise is for the government, not him, and he says he understands. I have invited him to pass it on.

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