Baby Bunnies vs.Things from Venus

Sorry, but the things from Venus failed to show up (so unreliable!), so we had to wing it with just baby bunnies.

The ones hopping all around on the bed–yeah, I’ll have a few of those, please.

6 comments on “Baby Bunnies vs.Things from Venus

  1. A great contrast between what is manmade and what our Creator makes. Humans make things that work with fair reliability but there are many pitfalls and some absolute failures, even with the best laid plans. God created the various forms of life and has not intervened since, yet these forms of life still prosper, even in a fallen world.

    There are no Bunnies 2.0 with Bunnies 2.1 promised soon to address all the flaws in Bunnies 2.0. Instead, we see that life reproduces itself and you end up with flawless little copies of parents. They learn what they need to learn without schools and they go about their business without our intervention.

    I was especially charmed by the little gray rabbit that came out of its burrow to greet its human visitor. What a wondrous sight.

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