Warning: They’re Not Kidding

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We really need to learn from history.

After the Napoleonic wars, the leaders of the European nations created an international system that was intended to preserve a balance of power and ensure stability. This system was utterly destroyed in World War I, and the rest of the 20th century featured a host of rampaging tyrants who, when they weren’t starting and waging a new world war that killed millions of people, mass-murdered millions of their own people during peacetime.

Back in the Sixties I used to laugh at foaming-at-the-mouth radical “protesters.” But what does history tell me? It tells me that the dictatorships always start with small bands of thugs and hooligans destabilizing their own countries and eventually taking power so that they can start killing people–in Germany. China. Russia. Cambodia. Cuba. All over the world.

I hope President Trump has a plan to rein in the Bernie Bros and the rest of the savages if they start torching cities and attacking people (well, heck, they’re already attacking people). This is what they’ve said they would do.

Depend upon it: the crazies mean what they say. If they can ever take power in this country, we will see what we have seen elsewhere many times before. Lawlessness. Mass graves. Prison camps. The whole 20th century deluxe fun pack.

The Democrat Party has thoroughly convinced me that they will destabilize and wreck our country, if that’s what it takes for them to rule it. They created this monster. They may not be able to control it. Bernie Sanders may not be able to control it.

But someone had better.

3 comments on “Warning: They’re Not Kidding

  1. I’ve spoken to more than a few persons whom fear the outbreak of more unrest, if not outright civil war. These are the neighborhood nut-jobs, but people with backgrounds in security, etc. This is a treacherous time.

    1. Patty’s friend’s doctor grew up in Russia during the 1917 revolution and has very vividly unpleasant memories of it. Local hooligans lynching the neighborhood pharmacist–just because they could, there was no law anymore. He saw a lot of things like that before his family fled to America. He found the Sixties highly unnerving. If he were still alive, today’s Democrat Party would scare the daylights out of him. Because he’d seen all this before.

  2. Look on the sunnyside of things. Trump is to win big in November and have four more years to appoint Constitutional judges. Most likely he will appoint two more to the Supreme Court. This is where the action is, the judicial system being brought back kicking and screaming to our Constitution.

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