‘The Whole Damned Package’ (2014)

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Clergy my eye

In 2014 the Presbyterian Church USA went over to the dark side. They’re still wondering why people are fleeing to other churches.

The Whole Damned Package

The question I had, and still have, was, Why does all this stuff always seem to go together? Where you’ve got “gay clergy,” you’re also sure to find phony “climate change,” abortion-loving, Big Government-worshiping, full-blown apostasy. It never fails.

There wasn’t really a “trans” movement yet, as early as 2014, so the PCUSA wasn’t able to endorse it at the time. I’d have to look it up, but just offhand, I’d say chances are about 99.99% that they have by now.

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  1. Yes, it is a travesty, and very sad. It will be sadder still on judgement day.
    My younger son visited the Presbyterian “church” in his town last Sunday, and although it is a large building, nice looking, well built, etc. he said he was one of only a handful of people and that it was the most boring service he ever sat through and he will not be going back.

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