Bird vs. Cat-Nap

This strikes me as very strange. The cat is trying to take a nap; the bird is trying to get him up. Parrots or parakeets might do this–but a dove? Why is this dove so totally unafraid of this cat? Why doesn’t the cat harm the bird? Honk if you can explain what’s going on here.

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5 responses to “Bird vs. Cat-Nap

  • Erlene Talbott

    I have no idea what this is all about. It is kind of like the gray and white stray cat that moved in here. Other cats showed up and began eating our of his dish, and he just backed off and let them have it first, no matter how small they were.

  • Phoebe

    At the end, it looks as if the cat finally had enough and gave the bird a good swat, and the bird got the idea and went away. The bird shouldn’t have gotten in the cat’s face (literally). Before that, the bird’s trill may even have sounded like an overdone purr. But then again, who knows why animals — or people — act the way they do?

  • Joshua

    Wow! That’s so amazing!

  • unknowable2

    Who knows? I’ve seen enough of this sort of thing to conclude that it’s real, but I don’t know if it’s business as usual or a behavioral change.

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