Pelosi: Farther and Farther Out to Lunch

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How important is this year’s presidential election?

Declares Squeaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, “Civilization as we know it is at stake” (… ’cause four more years of Donald Trump is, like, the end of America.

To put this in some kind of perspective, Pelosi is from San Francisco. Is that what she calls “civilization”? Piles of feces on the sidewalk. Used syringes all over. Crime rate through the ceiling. Hordes of the homeless, most of them illegal aliens, in tents and cardboard boxes.

Does she know what “civilization” means? She’s from San Francisco.

This is the third-highest ranking official in America, behind only the president and vice president. This is what we’ve settled for.

Pray America’s voters put the Democrat Party out of business and Pelosi out to pasture–or wherever you go, if you can’t lead the House of Reprehensibles anymore.

11 comments on “Pelosi: Farther and Farther Out to Lunch

  1. For sure. Even if she spends most of her time in Washington D.C. there is still not much to resemble civilization- civility-civilized- none of which fit the situation.

  2. FYI – this is the only place where I read/respond to articles about these criminally insane democrats. I washed them “out of my hair” (and it smells so much better). Pelosi, Hillary, Maxine Waters are three muskytiers of corpses, the walking dead who need only a slight push to disappear. But i’m shocked, shocked I tell you, that they’re still walking – over us with their new boots they get every re-election. It’s time for me to turn my attention to those idiots who vote for these idiots.

    1. I’ve got a humongous folder of election fraud articles, videos, tweets. The Democrats have gotten machine rigging, voter fraud, and ballot tampering down to a science! And the entire left side of wrong is in on it! Yet this doesn’t excuse those who still actually vote for them. We could talk about the greedy, the parasites, the haters, the misinformed, uninformed, uniformed, and the disformed, but if someone offered me money to violently disrupt an Antifa riot, i’d do it.

    2. Now we have to figure out what to do for entertainment if the Democrats are going to cancel the rest of their primary. Do you think the Bernie Bros might actually carry out their threats to torch our cities? Hint: Start with San Francisco.

  3. I agree with Pelosi, if the Dems take power it will be the end of the USA as we have known it. Let’s make America great again by praying for President Trump and all his team daily, and praying conservatives take control of the House this 2020 election.

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