Bird Serenades Bunny

This is priceless! I don’t know what it means, I can’t imagine what the bunny thinks of it–but it had me laughing out loud. A medley of movie and TV show theme tunes, performed by a cockatiel for the edification of a bunny. Except the bunny runs away before it’s over.

I think this might be the kind of thing they’re going to study at Quokka University.

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3 responses to “Bird Serenades Bunny

  • thewhiterabbit2016

    My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed this one!! We had just learned the Gov of Arkansas has closed all public schools, so no sub-teaching money before we leave on an 8-day road trip to AZ to visit family for our daughter’s 50th birthday celebration. This video cheered us up – thanks!

    • leeduigon

      The reaction to the supposed threat of the coronavirus doesn’t add up. This sort of thing has never been done in my lifetime. The Great Measles Scare of 2019 makes me very skeptical–plus all that End O’ The World/Climate Change horseschiff.

      Around here all the stores are now scenes of chaos. They’ve scared the public but good. And I don’t trust it! Something’s fishy somewhere.

  • unknowable2

    I was laughing too. Quite the little performer. Imagine the Mind that created that.

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