Holy Cow! ‘We’ve Got Bears!’

You’ve got a nice little backyard pool, and you live in New Jersey–that’s safe, right?–and the last thing you expect to see when you look out the window is a whole family of bears cavorting in your pool. A mother bear with five cubs.

They liked the swing set, too.

You will notice that none of the humans involved chose to run outside and try to chase away the bears.

What a good time they had!

7 comments on “Holy Cow! ‘We’ve Got Bears!’

  1. That beats any wildlife encounter I’ve ever had, by a wide margin. I’m not even certain of what I’d do in that situation. Probably watch and enjoy.

  2. Fabulous, better than Sea World! (which is cruel to wildlife). I’m so jealous, I only get pigeons on my fire escape. Thanks for the needed cheerful break from bad news!

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