They Really Are Insane

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I really didn’t want to write about coronavirus today, but this is too much.

As reported by Larry O’Connor today on (, among other follies being proposed by Democrats, are these:

Let all the convicts out of prison, a scheme touted by the lunatic Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her playmates on “the Squad.” Just let ’em out. Somehow they’ll be safer, running around the streets, than they’d be in jail. We won’t be safer, but who cares about that?

And stop arresting criminals! This from a Philadelphia district attorney. Don’t enforce the laws. Don’t bother with “nonviolent crimes.” He didn’t explain what he means by “nonviolent.” But we know New York State’s new list of “nonviolent crimes” includes vehicular homicide–running people over with your car on purpose, to kill them.

Democrats are feverishly rooting for the virus to produce so much chaos and suffering in America that the people, in desperation, will vote them back into power. So they’re coming up with all sorts of ways to make the crisis worse. Flooding America with unrestricted crime is definitely on their menu. The Los Angeles Sheriff’s Dept. has already decided to empty out the jails and stop arresting criminals  ( Well, heck, they’ll need all that prison space for persons guilty of misgendering.

Do you want to vote for these creeps? Really?

They must never be allowed back into power. Never.

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10 responses to “They Really Are Insane

  • Watchman

    The authoritarians are milking it for everything it’s worth. They thrive in chaos.

  • Laura

    I’d love to think that, in a time of crisis like this (whether manufactured, or the result of a real threat), we could all pull together like people did during WW2.
    The reality is, however, that so much selfishness exists that that probably isn’t going to happen.
    Instead, they want the government to ‘fix’ everything for them. They want to be assured that, if they have to leave their job, their employer will be forced to pay them … I don’t think I have to explain how crippling that would be to any company, especially one that is already going to lose money by not being open. Obviously I’m kind of worried about my store closing, but I’m not stupid enough to demand pay when I’m not working.

    Also, I see very little personal charity being advocated (beyond small gestures, obviously); people are more concerned with getting the government to do the big stuff for them.
    I have elderly neighbors, and if they came down with the virus I would be more than willing to go over there and do what I could for them, especially if the crisis was so big by then that they couldn’t get into a hospital. Major calamities, I think, show what a country is really like. I’m pretty certain that our country will fail the test, if the worst comes to the worst. I’m talking things like looting, vandalism, and murder going way up.

    The only thing we can do is keep trusting God and doing what we can, in our small ways, to shine the light of hope and charity.

  • Laura

    Oh, and another thing is that I’m seeing literally no one saying that this is the judgement of God. So I’ll say it. Whether the coronavirus is a hoax, an overhyped reality, or is just as bad as they say it is, it’s still the judgement of God on a world that is filled with blasphemy, unbelief, atheism, and rampant, unashamed immorality.
    But I don’t expect mass revivals, only more heart-hardening and stubborn refusal to turn to God.

  • Joshua

    Okashii-yo, hontouni! (They’re ridiculous, really!)

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