A Very Confusing Headline

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My editor, Susan, likes to bring me up to date on the news each morning, because she knows I don’t follow it after 5 p.m. So this morning she read me a headline:

“Turkey charges Saudis–”

What! Instantly my mind provided an image of an angry, feisty turkey attacking a group of men in Arab dress, and them scattering in a panic. You know how turkeys can be.

“–in Khashoggi murder.”

If they’d stopped at the first half of the headline, many of us would’ve stopped with the mental image of the boisterous turkey.

But then the lore of messy headlines is a rich vein of treasure. “Fort Worth Rancher Has Biggest Horns in Texas.” “Man Eats, Then Robs Restaurant Owner.” “Imam Says Journalists Should Be Beheaded During Fox News Interview.” You get the picture.

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  1. I love bloopers. I have a book by Richard Lederer, “Anguished English” that is hilarious. For instance, “Deaf mute gets new hearing in killing;” Grandmother of eight makes hole in one,” etc.

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