My Newswithviews Column, March 26 (‘Lessons to be Learned’)

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The most prolific mass murderer in history

You wouldn’t believe what I went through to get this column to the publisher. Both of our computers refuse now to send attachments with email. We have not been able to get that fixed yet.

Lessons To Be Learned

The legacy of Mao’s Great Leap Forward is lying, cheating, pretending, slipshod procedures and shabby workmanship–and the government knows no problem that a little creative violence won’t solve. It’s long past time this evil regime passed away: surely the Chinese people deserve much better than what they’ve got.

But we were so happy when Nixon and Kissinger opened our doors to Red China!

Live and learn.

10 comments on “My Newswithviews Column, March 26 (‘Lessons to be Learned’)

  1. As for people realizing they don’t need colleges any more, I’m not as optimistic as you are. From what I’m seeing in my old department’s listserv messages, the worst of the offenders seem to have fallen in love with zoom and online “learning” now, and they’re going full steam ahead with the indoctrination that way. The only things the college administrators will have to figure out will be how to keep the same revenue flow when they can’t charge for room and board — although they’ll save some money on janitors and food service staff. (So much for their concern about people in low-end jobs, huh?) They can still keep hiring all the administrators they want, and I’m sure they’ll come up with a way to put the “learning” behind a paywall and force students to keep buying their books and supplies from the schools’ own online bookstores. Pardon my cynicism.

    1. One of the main reasons that college costs have gone up so high is the expansion and proliferation of courses and the need to hire, pay, and pension those who teach them–to say nothing of extra administrators and diversity consultants. Are people going to pay those prices to get a degree in Gender Studies online? Gee, I hope not!

      “Higher education” in America has become a parasite, a tapeworm on the body politic.

  2. When the Wuhon virus began to spread the communist party shutdown the city of 11 million people by circling it with the military. If anyone dared leave their home they were sent to jail – and Americans complain when we have voluntary quarantine. Also, those doctors who went on social media to alert the world to the virus mysteriously disappeared.

  3. Back to the subject of collidges…. It seems I wasn’t pessimistic enough. The latest on my old department’s listserv is an announcement of the next department meeting, at which new courses will be proposed — whether in classrooms or online, mind you — courses that the undergraduate committee is “very excited about,” as are others in the department, apparently. I must have deleted unread the original message that contained the list of these exciting new courses, but according to the latest message, one of them is … ta-dah! … “ecopoetry.” Hey, what did you expect, the English epic? It is to laugh. (No, it is to weep.)

    Lee, you’re going to have a harder and harder time getting Joe Collidge’s reports more outlandish than the reality. 🙁

    1. And I just found out about another proposed course: “Intro to Extraction and Energy Literatures.” I don’t even know what that means, let alone what kinds of “literatures” (plural) have been produced on the subject.

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