More Adorable Birds

God has blessed us with all sorts of creatures that can be our companions–all different, but also with important things in common. Like the ability to play with you; even the ability to love you. Many mammals have those qualities. And a lot of birds do, too.

We’ve got more than our usual ration of bad news, these days; but I think these birds will cheer you up.

And someday I’ll try to tell you why I’m so fond of reptiles, too.

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  • unknowable2

    I was long taught that animals lacked the capacity for love, but life has shown me otherwise. My lovely little Siamese spends most of her waking hours near me. She’s a foot away from my shoulder as I type this. She may not have symbolic language to analyze here emotions, but she wants to be acknowledged whenever I walk into the room and insists on being part of most things I do. She makes my house a home.

    These birds are very appealing. They are obviously engaged with the humans in their lives and want to interact. They can be very musical, which means that they can count. So, once again, lacking symbolic language, they still can do some things that are pretty impressive. They seem to have imagination as well. Beyond that, they are beautiful creatures.

    Why is it that I feel honored when an animal see fit to give me attention?

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