Stealth ‘Education’

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What could our colleges possibly have to hide?

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With colleges and universities shut down in quarantine, “educators” and students are trying to provide a college education online. In itself, a good idea. But you know what happens to good ideas when leftids get hold of them.

Some professors are getting worried about the content of their, er, “teaching” becoming generally known to the public ( Like, what would happen if parents found out what they were really getting for their tuition money?

Warns a professor at Texas Christian–“Christian”? Did I read that right?–University, “If you are recording a lecture on anything controversial, be prepared for the right-wing sites to ask students to share it.” Whoa! We can’t let that happen! Just one of those “down with white people” spiels, viewed online by thousands of white parents who are paying a fortune for their kids’ minds to be gelatinized by these left-wing jidrools, and the whole Higher Education enterprise could be jeopardized.

Another professor suggests posting course materials on youtube as “unlisted videos,” so you’d need to have the direct link to view them.

When I was substitute teaching in a certain high school, some years ago, the only class that was never handed to a substitute was Sex Education. If the teacher was absent, a vice principal had to supervise the class. They had a strict rule against bringing any textbook out of the classroom, lest the student take it home and his parents see it and start asking awkward (and heated) questions.

So they want to hide their content from the paying public! Doesn’t that just puff you up with confidence?

One naturally suspects that yeah, they’ve got plenty of bad stuff to hide.

Defund the colleges. Put them into the free market and let them sink or swim. And don’t expect a lot of swimming.

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  1. I’ve heard that some sex education materials are, essentially porn. Some people have a greater vulnerability to porn than others and I could easily imagine some children becoming hooked on it at an early age. Porn is nothing to trifle with. It is harming innumerable men since the Internet brought porn inside the home. It’s beyond ugly.

    Children need to learn about these things from their parents.

  2. Here’s the rub, so many children do not have parents, but a parent. With so many divorces how does a young child growing up know who really is his uncle or cousin, especially if the mom marries multiple times? The break up of the family has been Marxism’s greatest achievement – and Feminism was glad to join in on the fun. Pornography soils the soul – the devil is thrilled with it.

    1. Absolutely true. The decline of the family has had terrible consequences. My parents were not perfect, but I had a stable home and knew that I was loved and cared for. A LOT of kids these days never know that feeling. The family has been seen as the enemy, not as the source of stability and strength it can be. The family arrangement is not the enemy, deterioration of the family arrangement is the enemy.

      A lot of kids from impoverished backgrounds barely know their fathers. Such young men are bound to feel resentment. Even in middle class families, the father is frequently not a part of the children’s lives except on visitation weekends. When these kids get to college, they are much more likely to gravitate towards anyone that offers them an air of authority, even if the authority is based on nothing more than elitism. It’s a setup.

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