Here We Go Again

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I know we only go grocery-shopping twice a week, but it feels like we’re going every other day. Not only that, but we need to go early and we’re already late. *Sigh*

The word they’re all whispering just now is “shortages,” a la wartime. I would correct that to “more shortages.”

Why shortages? Primarily because people are hoarding stuff. So you can’t buy toilet paper, rubbing alcohol, frozen dinners, or frozen vegetables–all gone, scarfed up by goofy Mad Max wannabes. Some have asked me why we don’t stockpile, too. Well, we don’t have the space for it–and I think it’s something to be ashamed of, grabbing more than your share.

My guess is we’ll have to go to at least three stores today before we’re supplied for the weekend. Oh, boy! Sorta like Soviet life in 1960!

No wonder Democrats want to stretch it out for as long as they can–forever, if they can swing it. And then we can call it “socialism.”

3 comments on “Here We Go Again

  1. This is all you need to make Turkish bread in a pan:
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  2. No shortages in my neck of the woods, though they do limit some items on how many you can buy. I was thinking, maybe New Jersey is so corrupt (Sen Menendez, Corey Booker, etc.) because it used to be a hang out for pirates in the 18th century 🙂

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