‘Your God’? Really?

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I come from a time when people didn’t talk like this, and I’m in no hurry to align myself with a time in which they do. I’d much rather be someone from another time brought here when he wasn’t looking.

‘Your God’? Really?

It’s the Easter season, so of course we’re bombarded with “experts” and “scholars” insisting that Jesus–not “Our Lord Jesus Christ,” but just “Jesus,” as if He were just some nice guy once upon a time–if he existed at all, certainly never rose from the dead because Science says that can’t happen! But rain on de rocks and de rocks come alive–well, Science says that happened!

Makes Science sound a bit of an ass, don’t you think?

3 comments on “‘Your God’? Really?

  1. “It couldn’t have happened because Science says it can’t happen” is the most circular of circular arguments. My atheist mother always used to joke about a street corner preacher she’d once heard declaiming, “You can believe because I tell you it’s believable!” I don’t know whether he ever followed that up with evidence of its believability, because my mother didn’t hang around to find out, but we always used to use the statement as a joke about any unsupported assertion or circular argument. Well, the “it couldn’t happen because Science says it can’t happen” is the same kind of silly statement, or at least its obverse: “You can’t believe because I tell you it’s unbelievable!”

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