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‘”Your God”? Really?'(2017)

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How long did it have to rain on the rocks before they came alive?

Oh it rain on de rocks an’ de rocks come alive, doo-dah, doo-dah…

Come on, now–does anybody really, truly believe that?

I re-run this post from time to time for the benefit of new readers and because we’re always running into fools’ chatter about “your God” who doesn’t exist but they passionately hate Him anyway, and the Bible as nothing but fiction but all those things in it that never happened still drive them up the wall.

We really shouldn’t have handed our educational institutions over to them. To say nothing of the rest of our institutions.

God hears and God knows what we say, and that’s a scary thought.

Good thing we have a Savior! Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

‘Your God’? Really?

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I come from a time when people didn’t talk like this, and I’m in no hurry to align myself with a time in which they do. I’d much rather be someone from another time brought here when he wasn’t looking.


It’s the Easter season, so of course we’re bombarded with “experts” and “scholars” insisting that Jesus–not “Our Lord Jesus Christ,” but just “Jesus,” as if He were just some nice guy once upon a time–if he existed at all, certainly never rose from the dead because Science says that can’t happen! But rain on de rocks and de rocks come alive–well, Science says that happened!

Makes Science sound a bit of an ass, don’t you think?

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