What Are the Nooze Media Doing?

On 'Scream Queens' and 'American Horror Story,' Being Scary Is ...

Fact: Not an hour goes by, anywhere in the nooze media, without another report of someone–usually someone famous or sort of famous, or at least good for a tear-jerker–dying of coronavirus. By this technique they are able to keep Death dominating the nooze 24/7.

This scares people and depresses them.

Interpretation of fact: They’re doing it on purpose.

Why? A) Scary stories always get good ratings. B) The noozies are 100% in the bag for the Democrat Socialist Party, and by scaring and angering the public every cotton-pickin’ day and night, they hope to wreck the Trump presidency and stampede the voters into putting some Democrat psycho into the White House.

The Grim Reaper is their rock star.

America is fighting for its life against the Far Left Crazy. Please find some way to help America win.

8 comments on “What Are the Nooze Media Doing?

  1. And yet they always seem to assume that the Grim Reaper will never come for them — or, if they do think there may be such a (remote) possibility, they assume they’ll never have to face Judgment afterward. Or maybe they think the Judge is one of the Democrats’ appointees.

  2. I’ve got hundreds of ways to “find some way to help America win.” But none of them are legal.

  3. Also notice how they play with numbers — taking their cue, of course, from the Deep State “doctors.” Yowie yowie, they cry, the USA has the highest number of deaths! Shriek! Um, maybe in absolute numbers, but how about per capita, considering that the USA also has the highest population outside of Russia and China? And deaths per how many cases? As for the cases themselves, we also know by now that the CDC has been instructing doctors to certify as Wuhan deaths all deaths in which the deceased have tested positive for the virus — or the doctor just “has reason to suspect” the presence of the virus — even if a person has actually died of something else, such as heart attack or diabetes or cancer.

    They also don’t mention that even without the padding of the numbers, the fatality rate has been higher in previous years’ flu seasons, and I’m not just talking about the 1918 Spanish flu, but also the 2009 swine flu, the 2018 influenzas A and B (where “A” was actually another round of swine flu), and even last year’s seasonal flu.

    I sometimes think the noozies should all be tried for treason. Or, okay, maybe just inciting to riot.

    1. Our rulers seem to be treating this as a potential extinction event–or maybe it’s just practice for that glorious day when they finally kill the Constitution.

    2. “the USA has the highest number of deaths!”

      And that assumes China is telling the truth about their numbers, which I highly doubt.

  4. At first the MSM was preaching the coronavirus was not nearly as deadly as the seasonal flu. Then when it began shutting down the economy the MSM was preaching how it is all Trump’s fault for not responding earlier and more heavily. Don’t you think there is a special place in hell for these phonies?

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