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  1. What I find fascinating Is that the cats obviously enjoy riding on something that moves. When I was a child, riding in a car was one of my favorite things to do. Dogs hang their heads out the window and take in the fresh air. Cats seem to like things a bit more calm and slow, but they obviously love going for a ride.

    I loved that red Mercedes roadster RC car.

    1. I was about to say, “What planet did you come from?” I’ve never had a cat who did *not* freak out in the car. Poor Buster practically declawed himself, trying to break out of the carrier: he had to sit on my lap the rest of the way–and that was *coming home* from the vet’s.

      All the dogs in my family loved being in the car. All the cats have hated it. The rats were very well-behaved in the car and my iguana’s calmness was an inspiration to a person who later became mayor of our town and had a gift for falling out of boats.

    2. My cat is fine with riding in my pickup. You must not be doing it right. Ask Joe Collidge; that should be entertaining. 🙂

      Seriously, my cat is fine with riding. She sniffs around for a minute, then curls up and enjoys the ride. We went for a short ride just yesterday and she settled right in. When we go to the vet’, about 35 miles away, I let her roam free and keep a carrier on the seat just in case. I always setup a little litter box for her, too.

      Maybe it’s time to buy a Toyota. Cats appreciate quality. 🙂

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