Carpool Gospel (‘What He’s Done for Me’)

This is… different! It’s also evidence of the Church growing in all directions, all over the world. Korean Soul, aka Carpool Gospel, singing What He’s Done for Me–and how they get that great sound in a moving car, that beats me.

8 comments on “Carpool Gospel (‘What He’s Done for Me’)

  1. Amazing! (I was a little uneasy, though, at the point where the driver seemed to be taking a difficult turn at an intersection. But maybe that was part of the act.)

  2. That was something. Well performed and by very talented, gifted singers.

    Christianity has done quite well in Korea, and many other places in Asia. Perhaps the believers in China will soon get some relief, as well. We don’t always think of Christianity in terms of Asian people, but it has taken hold in many Asian countries.

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