‘New Atheist Demand: “Don’t Say the Pledge”‘ (2014)

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This post featured a conversation (mostly civil) between an atheist and me.

New Atheist Demand: ‘Don’t Say the Pledge’

It still fascinates me that atheists deny using the apparatus of the state to wage an inquisition against Christians. Forcing a Christian to take part in a homosexual parody of marriage, turning the First Amendment on its head to prohibit the free exercise of religion, hauling Christians up in front of “human rights” tribunals–gee! just like in communist countries!–that’s not a purposeful campaign of harassment?

Coulda fooled me!

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  1. I was say the Pledge that is led over the school PA system each morning in each school. In elementary classes the students all say it with zesto. I jr. high it is half-hearted. In high school I am the only one saying it.

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