‘My Generation Ruined America’ (2014)

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I wrote this in the depths of the Obama presidency, which accounts for its dolorous tone.

My Generation Ruined America

Count yourself lucky if you’re too young to remember the late 60s-early 70s, the Age of Hippies. My generation. Hot dog. Look what we did to this country. It’s a wonder there’s anything left of it.

Democrats will use the coronavirus panic to try to finish us off for good, replace America with some third-world socialist hell-hole ruled in perpetuity by themselves. They’ve been rooting for three years for the economy to collapse, and now they’ve got what they wanted.

But they couldn’t have done it without us, the Baby Boomers.

We ruined this country.

4 comments on “‘My Generation Ruined America’ (2014)

  1. Sad to say, the “experts” and your parents ruined things. The family was torn apart between the “Gray Panthers” (older folks who were encouraged NOT to participate as grandparents had always participated) and the “experts” like Dr. Spock and his ilk who told the kids they were perfect and the only problem was their rotten parents! Sad to say, it was I believe all planned. It was not an accident. People who were trying to make a better world were fooled into making what we have now which, frankly, stinks.

  2. In Jusge Robert Bork’s book, “Slouching Towards Gommorrah,” he blames the 1960’s for America’s fall from grace. I lived the 60’s, Elvis, Motown, Beatles, Viet Nam War protests, Hippies, LSD, New Age religion and a sexual revolution.

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