No, Dimwits, We Don’t Like Your Stupid Policy!

Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was drowned out by New Yorkers furious at the migrant crisis that has erupted in the city

At least the, um, “journalists” weren’t booing.

The writing on the walls says illegal immigration is going to cut off the Democrat Party at the knees. I mean, how often do New Yorkers boo and hiss the Democrat politicians they keep electing? Folks, you voted for these jidrools.

Last week they held a press conference at the Roosevelt Hotel–New York City’s “main intake” for so-called “asylum seekers.” Representatives Jerrold Nadler and Alexandria Octavio-Cortez were booed and shouted down as they tried to gaslight New Yorkers into thinking that wiping out our country’s borders is a good thing.

Who, actually, is in favor of a) letting anyone come here who wants to come here, no questions asked, b) doling out money and social services to border-jumpers… which doesn’t exactly discourage imitators, and c) flooding the country with cheap labor–if the new arrivals bother to labor at all–to drive down wages for American workers?

The Democrat Party thinks you’re in favor of all that.

Besides which–what with mail-in ballots, drop boxes, tricky voting machines, and truckloads of Democrat votes brought in hours after the polls close… what have they got to be worried about? Let the plebs boo and hiss: “If we can put Joe Biden in the White House, we can put anybody in the White House!”

‘A Parable for Our Time’ (2014)

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I pray the people of this country are waking up, and I pray it’s not too late.

A Parable for Our Time

The man trashed his own apartment and then said, sadly, “Look what happened!” It doesn’t get any richer than this.

What has happened to America didn’t happen. It was done to us–by wicked fools who don’t care how they hurt the country as long as they gain something, personally.

Can you be drunk on an ideology?

Sure looks it.

Coca-Cola Tells Employees, ‘Be Less White’

Fake Spilled Bottle of Coke - Props America

I don’t know how I missed this story when it came out last year–although the Coca-Cola Co. broke all sorts of speed records, sweeping it under the rug. But for a little while there, the company was telling its white employees, “Be less white” (

What does that mean? Well, apparently there are all these Virtues that People Of Color (POCs) have and low-down white folks can only aspire to–

And it would demean me to write up any more of this garbage.

Yes, it was all part of Coca-Cola’s “diversity training” program. What’s that? “Diversity training” is forcing everyone to have exactly the same opinion. It would’ve gone on forever if a whistleblower hadn’t exposed it. They even had a sociologist! Although she says she had nothing to do with it. They had a “course” called “Confronting Racism” in which white employees had to face up to what rotten human beings they are, etc., etc.

Exposed to the light of day, Coca-Cola made it disappear.

How long do we have to put up with this ****? Uh, for as long as Democrats can steal elections?

James Madison U. ‘Pauses’ Critical Race Theory Training

They call it “a college education.”

You’d almost think we were living in a science fiction movie, in which alien invaders take over our education system (if that’s what you want to call it), dividing students into Good Guys and Bad Guys on the basis of their skin color and demanding that they remake the United States into a hell-hole of racial animosity.

But that’s just what they tried to do at James Madison University, Virginia.

And now they’re “pausing” it because somebody leaked a training video and the public hit the ceiling over it, and hard questions are being asked in the state legislature (

The leaked video showed charts which divided students into “Privileged” and “Oppressed” categories, based mostly on race. Oh–and all white males are “oppressors.”

Students were being forced to watch this drivel. Now it’s “paused”… because the school got caught.

Why do we allow this? Families pay a fortune for their children’s college education–and this is what they get? Hypocritical race theory! Shoved down their throats by the biggest racists in the world.

Public education, Hollywood, our Free & Independent Nooze Media, Big Tech–these America-hating mutants have taken over all our institutions.

It has to stop. They’re wrecking our country and it has to stop.

Meanwhile, James Madison is spinning in his grave. But don’t worry, Mr. President. Eventually they’ll decide you were a racist, your Constitution sucks, and they’ll rename the school after Fidel Castro.

‘My Generation Ruined America’ (2014)

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I wrote this in the depths of the Obama presidency, which accounts for its dolorous tone.

My Generation Ruined America

Count yourself lucky if you’re too young to remember the late 60s-early 70s, the Age of Hippies. My generation. Hot dog. Look what we did to this country. It’s a wonder there’s anything left of it.

Democrats will use the coronavirus panic to try to finish us off for good, replace America with some third-world socialist hell-hole ruled in perpetuity by themselves. They’ve been rooting for three years for the economy to collapse, and now they’ve got what they wanted.

But they couldn’t have done it without us, the Baby Boomers.

We ruined this country.