Are They Totally Out of Their Minds?

Nolte: Another Week, Another Ratings Collapse at Far-Left CNN, MSNBC

I wasn’t going to do any more nooze today; but when I read this, the top of my head nearly blew off. This is a whopper!

Our in-the-bag Far Left creepy nooze media–specifically, the News Media Alliance and the National Assn. of Broadcasters–have actually had the chutzpah to ask Congress for a cash bailout. Yup. They want Congress to give them a bunch of our money–that we worked for, while they called us haters, biggits, rubes, white supremacists, racists, nazis, and deplorables–to save their failing industry from going under.

And why would our nooze media be going under?

Bullhorn, please.

Because you freakin’ moron presstitutes sold yourselves, lock, stock, and barrel, to the Democrat Party and no one trusts you anymore!

Sheesh. The lies and scare stories and urban legends pumped out by the nooze media anymore are as many as the sands of the shore. A Gallup poll shows that 40-something percent of the American people trust them to report the news honestly. That that number is that high is a miracle.

They mock us, they call us names, they try to undo our vote, they lie, they suppress information, they elevate Far Left non-entities to the status of demigods and goddesses–and they want our tax money? They must be mad.

Gee… How would they cover politicians who voted against giving them a bailout? How would they cover those who voted for it? And would all nooze agencies get funds, or only some of them–and how would it be decided which ones? If you think the media’s garbage now, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

These liars, these narrative-mongers, these Far Left howler monkeys go so far as to describe themselves as “essential.” Holy cow!

Of course, a properly functioning press is essential, even indispensable, to a free country. But we do not have a properly functioning press.

Anyone who can provide that won’t need a bailout. They’ll do just fine.

CNN, MSNBC–not so much.

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  1. They actually believe they’ll get our money by slapping us in the face because their claim becomes another Pelosi demand Trump has to deal with in his quid pro quo stimulus requests.

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