Protests Target Overzealous Quarantine Measures

Lock her up!': Anti-Whitmer coronavirus lockdown protestors swarm ...

Michigan citizens protest their governor’s actions

I didn’t want to write about the coronavirus panic today, but this is too important to let pass: left-wing governors and mayors going way too far in enforcing “social distancing” et cetera.

Front Page Magazine has an article that addresses this: “Americans Protest Abuse of Coronavirus Emergency Powers.”

We Americans have consented to government measures that fight the disease by restricting our personal freedoms and shutting down our economy; but we do not consent to allowing these measures to continue indefinitely, becoming a damaging “new normal” from which our country might be hard put to recover.

“The mission [of ‘flattening the curve’] seems to have changed,” an attorney comments. “Now the mission seems to be that nobody gets infected.”

Frankly, that’s impossible. And trying to do impossible things doesn’t work out well. The only way nobody gets sick is if everybody dies. Not an option, really.

“The Left is weaponizing the coronavirus crisis with a narrative intended to demonize President Trump and his supporters,” writes the author of the piece. For “narrative” read “lies.” Democrats see this as their last and best opportunity to destroy the Trump presidency–and they don’t care who gets hurt, as long as they can do it.

There has to be a point where we have done all that we can do to fight the virus without permanently wrecking our economy and erasing our civil liberties. We do not want to reach that point, but that’s where we’re headed.

We cannot trust the motives of the Left. To get back into power, they’ll do just about anything. And I do mean “anything.”

Soon we’ll have to re-open the country and re-start the economy, taking our chances with whatever is left of the disease. We can’t go on like this indefinitely. And leftids with a public track record of appeasing communist China, making excuses for China, and openly admiring their authoritarian way of doing things must never again be allowed to take power in America.

Communism is an evil relic of that calamitous 20th century and needs to be pushed into extinction.

The Democrat Party needs to be put out of business, once and for all, in this year’s national elections.

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  1. More and more states are holding protests. It’s such good news!! The worst reaction by the worst governor in the country was from Oregon (yes, but in lockstep with Virginia of course). She threatened to enact even stricter lockdowns if the protests didn’t stop. I couldn’t possibly express my opinion of her publicly.

    1. In the Air Force, we used to joke, “The beatings will continue until morale improves.” It’s not a joke any more.

    2. I’ve known parents like that. Maybe Gov Oregon has one of those. Nevertheless, I do take her seriously. I’d like to say “If she can, she will” but with Democrats it’s “I will whether I can or not.”

  2. Yesterday a friend of Glenn Beck’s called into his radio talk show with a report of a rally he had participated in at the Washington State Capitol. He said there were 4500 protesters but the MSM reported hundreds, and focused on a picture of a red-neck looking hippie-type with a Confederate flag who wasn’t even in the protest area. Now who is the bigger enemy, the Wuhan virus or the MSM?

  3. It’s apparent that Democrats and their media propaganda wing doesn’t want things to get better. They are more than willing to plunge us into a depression if it means getting rid of the president. Never mind that millions of Americans would suffer in the process, for them the ends justify the means. If that isn’t the definition of evil I don’t know what is.

    I’ve been saying since day one the reaction to this thing was overblown, and the more data we get confirms that. They said 2 millions Americans would die if we did nothing, and in less than a month they changed it to 60k, which is comparable to a bad flu season. They say it’s because of the extreme social distancing measures we took, but I don’t buy it. There’s no way you can go from 2 million to 60k no matter what you do.

    I was listening to Dr. David Katz on Life, Liberty, and Levin. He used a war analogy to say that we don’t need to wage an all out war with this thing, which causes wanton destruction and collateral damage, but we need precise surgical strikes. Right now it’s like were trying to get rid of termites by dropping nuclear bombs. Sure you’ll kill the termites, but you’ll kill everything else too. There are other options!

    1. Of course there are other options. But as you’ve said, it’s never been about fighting germs. It’s been about getting rid of Trump, and ultimately grabbing power — which is almost a redundancy, since Trump has actually been whittling away at their power.

      One of the things that worries me is that they’ll try again next winter, when the next flu season hits. And now that they know there’ll be protests, they’ll have come up with ways to prevent or put down the protests. We could wind up with a Hong Kong situation.

      Another thing that worries me is the way even the “re-open” plans seem to keep calling for continued masking and staying away from each other, not to mention keeping old people under house arrest. This isn’t a re-opening. It’s a ratcheting toward the tyranny they attempted too fast and too soon.

    2. I do think there would have to be a different commander-in-chief before Democrats could attempt to unleash the military against American citizens.

    3. Too many of them already have the local law enforcement agencies behind them.

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