Out of Ideas?

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Let’s see… Gotta shop for groceries this morning, I wonder how many stores we’ll have to visit, to get what we need for the week. Gotta bring my car home from the garage. Write a Newswithviews column (good luck with that, dude!). And somehow generate blog posts.

But posts about what? Honk if you’re totally sick and tired of reading about some stupid virus that Red China unleashed on the world and now hopes to get away with. Is anybody’s appetite for virus nooze so insatiable that they even have to get it here?

We watched a really scary movie last night. I suppose I could review it. That might be fun. Anybody up for a movie review?

Dinosaur news? Aliwalia rex is no more. Blow me down. He was never anything but bones from several different dinosaurs mistakenly cobbled together. Devastating, isn’t it? The super-predator of the Triassic never existed. Next thing we’ll find out, the Triassic never existed, either.

Maybe I’ll write about that.

But first the quest for groceries…

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  1. That’s a lovely cat in the picture — a Russian blue?

    We’ve been doing pretty well with groceries in my city, after the first couple of weeks of toilet-paper panic. Right now, I’m pretty much able to get anything I want that I was able to get before the panic — oddly enough, tofu. For some reason, tofu keeps selling out as soon as it hits the stores.

    Anyway, I’ve usually had to go to three different markets even before the panic. One market carries the varieties of cat food that Iggy likes, as well as the brand of pasta I like; another carries more kinds of greens than the other two stores, as well as bakery cornbread and certain cleaning products that I use; and for most of the rest, I like to buy as much as possible from the locally owned grocery down the block from me, even though they’re pricier than the chain markets. I actually enjoy splitting up my shopping like that, especially now that I’m retired and have the time to spare. My mother used to say that shopping — or even window-shopping — was the American equivalent of going to museums, i.e., a recreation more than a chore, an enjoyment of abundance.

    1. In the second paragraph, that should be “EXCEPT, oddly enough, tofu.” Argh. Left out the most important word.

    2. Since April 4 the number of Wuhan Virus cases has been declining. More people are leaving the hospital than entering. The peak is over and the heat of summer is coming so let’s open America’s economy and shop until we drop with that $120.00 deposit we received into our bank account.

  2. This is World Immunization Week, compliments of WHO. “Everybody gets vaccinated” The WHO is drunk. Wish I were.

  3. See if you can find any Land of Lakes butter that still have the picture of an Indian on it. If you do, it will become a collector’s item. As for the Wuhan virus nooze, it is to the point I think I might vomit. Movie reviews, YES.

    1. Okay, then just let me get in this last one:

      VIDEO Newly Discovered footage from 2017 shows Dr fauci predict disease outbreak
      4/4/20 The Citadel

      Back in 2017 Fauci said “the Trump administration will not only be challenged by ongoing global health threats such as influenza and HIV, but also a surprise disease attack.”

    2. There is a growing body of opinion that China has done this on purpose. That regime needs to be put out of business regardless of whether that particular charge is true.

    3. If I understood it, the bible says Russia and China will join forces to come against Israel, so would this preclude putting China out of business? At least Trump knows China better than China knows US. He surprised them, called them out, and hasn’t let go of them. I am so looking forward to his 2nd term, God willing.

    4. Works for me. Nothing against the Chinese people, some are even distant relatives, but the CCP appears to be no one’s friend.

    5. The Chinese people deserve a better government–and just about anything is better than communism. They’ve suffered enough.

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