‘Ben & Jerry’s: Shills for Sodomy’ (2017)

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Wow! Brand-new moral laws! We didn’t even have to ask for it!

Have any of God’s laws been repealed? You’d certainly get that impression, from today’s pop culture. Like, they’ve all been chucked right out the window.

Ben & Jerry’s: Shills for Sodomy

It started with us wanting to be “nice” and humane and gentle. Now you get hauled into court if you don’t want to make a cake celebrating some freak’s “transition.” We wanted to be kind. Well, that good need didn’t go unpunished.

And we’ve got these companies like Ben & Jerry’s riding the crest of whatever disgusting new aberration comes along, shilling like crazy for it.

Absolutely shame on us.

8 comments on “‘Ben & Jerry’s: Shills for Sodomy’ (2017)

  1. I note sadly that in 2017 commenters were still assuming that most people were still repelled by pedophilia, and that the laws against it would probably hold firm. Well, there are still such laws, but there are also grooming gangs — I mean Drag Queen Story Hours — in our libraries. And they’re not only considered legal, even with pedophilia laws still in place (barely), but even supported by the government, i.e., taxpayers.

  2. Ben and Jerry have benefitted greatly from free markets and built a successful brand. However, I have heard that they consider their success an indictment against our system. What folly.

  3. I visited my friend’s farm in Vermont for about 10 days and saw lot of Vermont. I can’t understand why that State produces people like Ben & Jerry’s, and Bernie Sanders. People are very spread out, so decentralized, yet buy into collectivism – it is an enigma.

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